The company entered into the construction business in 2009. The implementation of successful projects earned a place in the Slovak market. Regarding development activities we provide a comprehensive service for the implementation of the investment focus, which will also include, in particular, the acquisition of entry documentation, the preparation of architectural studies for construction or reconstruction, design, functional ensuring of the project, ensuring the documentation for the zoning decision, consultations with authorities and ensuring the issuing of the zoning decision, ensuring the documentation for the building permit, the ensuring of its issuing, etc. We thus provide our clients with a complete service, from design through implementation and financing to the long-term management of the acquired property.

All projects from our development activities are distinctive. This involves the architecturally interesting, modern and architectural quality of the structure, resulting from the activity of renowned architects. An emphasis is also placed on its adequate embedding into the environment with which it harmonizes perfectly. When choosing a suitable environment we also consider the high potential of its recovery, with the result that over time, the property of our clients over time recovers capital and thus grows. Investing with us is moreover highly secure, which is also our strong point.

In the project field Energetické systémy, s.r.o., focuses on the acquisition and development of land for logistics, industrial and commercial projects, of which there has been a lack in connection with the massive inflow of foreign investment into Slovakia.

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