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How Online Educators Get It Done: A Conversation with Andrea Hendricks, Remote Teaching: When and How to Use Synchronous vs. Asynchronous Methods, 7 Ways for Professors to Manage the Transition to Online Teaching During COVID-19. This fine academic tool was designed to assist in the writing of reports, grant applications, and other documents related to public schools. Criticism of jargon abounds, usually beneath the implication that someone is overstating something or sounding haughty, calling a classroom a “learning environment,” or content-to-be-learned a “learning target.” The lingo of student education is changing dramatically. Important education funding terms and concepts get lost in translation. Example: Before your first day, be sure to get all … Examples of Jargon Words. It may also help to designate an acronym for a frequently used piece of jargon. Some commonly used examples of jargon words can greatly impact our thinking and actions, and that of those around us in our circle of influence. We can answer your questions and set your course up on Top Hat. Additionally, this is a mostly U.S.-based list; I’m unfamiliar with other countries’ terminologies. While this language is often useful or necessary for those within the group, it is usually meaningless to outsiders. (Equivalent for in a hurry) Legal jargon – Your objection is overruled. What are the most significant professional responsibilities for teachers? … – EDFN 351 Portfolio, Demystifying Education Jargon, For Teachers | Shady Oak Primary School, What's "Rigor"? The following are some military jargon examples. It requires the presence of both teacher and student, and includes traditional face-to-face instruction. Following are my explanations of what the jargon really means. By Vawn Himmelsbach • August 2, 2017. Attendance is taken, announcements are made, and forms are completed in this room. Here we breakdown jargon and loaded concepts into a glossary of education funding terms. Active training: An approach that ensures participants are actively involved in the learning process. Differentiated instruction an instructional technique that is used to reach … Military Jargon. semester: Period of study lasting approximately 15 to 16 weeks or one-half the academic year. Agonal - Term to signify a major, negative change in a patient's condition 2. There are two subcategories of MOOCs. specialized set of literary terms and language that is used to convey a hidden meaning accepted and understood by those who are part of a particular group Fill in your details below or click an icon to log in: You are commenting using your account. JT - A joint 5. Contact us to book a product tour. – EDFN 351 Portfolio, Pingback: Demystifying Education Jargon, For Teachers | Shady Oak Primary School, Pingback: What's "Rigor"? Terms used by an industry such as the use of rack ratein the travel industry to refer to the … We’ve started a glossary to explain some of the more confusing education jargon used to describe modern teaching techniques and lesson planning. homeroom  The classroom a secondary student attends in the morning (or at the end of the day). Education Jargon Demystified For Parents | Shady Oak Primary School. Amaze Your Education Colleagues. Often used to determine whether student is allowed to graduate. Consider your learning objectives, your students and the merits of each method to guide your…, Set yourself up for success when teaching college students in an online learning environment. Behind the Buzzwords: A Guide to Modern Education Jargon. ADDIE: This is the classic model of a training design process.The acronym is formed by the steps in the process: Analysis, Design, Development, Implementation, and Evaluation. 1:1: One laptop or device for each student in a class or school. the five elements of a learning situations: 1. confidence and independence 2. knowledge and understanding 3. skills and strategies 4. use of prior and emerging experience 5. critical reflection 21st-Century Skills: A blanket term for skills of the future. These different kinds of teaching could include traditional classroom instruction and self-paced online learning, as well as individual tutoring, small group instruction and group projects. IM - Intramuscular 7. ESL — English as a Second Language (see ELL). NPO - A patient should not take anything by mouth, from the Latin phrase nil per os (nothing by mouth) 6. Often formative for the teacher’s next class. Master these terms and dazzle your colleagues with your jaw-dropping, up-to-date vocabulary. Jargon is the term for specialized or technical language that is only understood by those who are members of a group or who perform a specific trade. The definitions are written for older youth to adult reading levels, unless otherwise specified, and some … So we've created a must-know list of education lingo for your reference. Bell work — a short assignment at the beginning of the class, usually to re-cap material from the previous class. Change ), You are commenting using your Google account. Meaning: Be organised. 1. If there are any words or common jargon you would like to see us post, just let us know. Andragogy: A term developed in Europe to describe the art and science of adult learning. a teaching job, this glossary will help you understand the jargon of your new profession. I believe that it will be particularly useful for people involved in writing reports for Accreditation. Educational jargon – We need to take data points to determine if there has been a response to the intervention. Experts disagree on the reasons for all the jargon — some say teachers are trying to purposely confuse people while others argue new education research has led to a need for more terminology. Post was not sent - check your email addresses! Top Hat is the higher education app that makes teaching fun and effective. There are so many methods and acronyms in the teaching profession, teachers seem to need a whole slew of alphabet soup to describe their jobs. For more on this, check out 8 Strategies to Manage the 21st Century Classroom. Exit exam — high-stakes test given to determine whether student is allowed to finish entire course. You can either email us or just drop a comment below. See if you can translate… I am only providing a list of words with a link that I feel does well at explaining the basic idea. Get all your ducks in a row. ... for example). ... Another private management model is the franchise one (for example PORSE in-home education). Feel free to suggest more terms for this list: I hope it continues to grow. Common features include obsessive interest in a single subject, difficulty with social interactions and strange movements or mannerisms. Aid ratio: A measure of a school district’s wealth compared to a state average, and … Differentiated Instruction. Change ), You are commenting using your Twitter account. Jargon refers to the specialized language of a professional or occupational group. ( Log Out /  Arts Integration. Dictionary of Educational Jargon From "ability groupings" to "wait time," we've got you covered! Learn about the powerful active learning features of Top Hat Pro and our new, free offering, Top Hat Basic. We’ve started a glossary to explain some of the more confusing education jargon used to describe modern teaching techniques and lesson planning, “The professor flipped the classroom to provide blended learning using rotation and face-to-face driver methods for advanced self-paced learning, with scaffolding to provide a more personalized approach than a MOOC.”. Change ). 5 Productivity Tools to Enhance Course Organization and…, 6 Ways Professors Can Combat Cheating in the…, 8 Ways To Properly Integrate Textbooks Into Your…, How Top Hat helped Brown University create a…, How Flipping the Classroom with Top Hat Gave…, How an Interactive Top Hat Textbook Helped This…, This mathematics professor has taught remotely for 19 years—and has some wisdom to share, Every course and educator is different. Some of the most important ones: In this approach, students opt to take online courses on their own to supplement traditional classroom instruction. Definitions of early childhood development, care and education, words, terms, and jargon. Examples include, extended time, different test format, and alterations to a classroom. Educational terminology can be overwhelming with so many acronyms and buzzwords to remember. All available units, respond. Create a free website or blog at Advocacy: Recognizing and communicating needs, rights and interests on behalf of a child; making informed choices Asperger’s Syndrome (AS): An Autism Spectrum Disorder that is milder than autism but shares some symptoms. Huh? Academia A collective term for the scientific and cultural community engaged in higher education and research, taken as a whole.The word comes from the akademeia just outside ancient Athens, where the gymnasium was made famous by Plato as a center of learning. If you are confused about all the different terms you have come across while preparing for (or starting!) Face-to-face check-ins with the instructor are optional; however, students can also chat with the instructor online if they have questions. Universal Design for Learning (UDL) is an educational framework for flexible learning, meant to accommodate different learning styles (otherwise known as learning modalities). Exit ticket — short assignment for student to answer before leaving the classroom. Online instruction is decided on a case-by-case basis by the instructor as a supplement to the curriculum. The meaning of ‘going to class’ depends on the approach to learning—and teaching. Blended learning comes in several different flavors. UDL principles provide a blueprint for curriculum development, including goals, methods and materials—but this blueprint isn’t a one-size-fits-all solution. This allows students to read further than what is offered at their post-secondary institution. There are so many methods and acronyms in the teaching profession, teachers seem to need a whole slew of alphabet soup to describe their jobs. .Here are examples of sentences containing misleading jargon (in italics). cMOOCs aim to connect students for a more collaborative approach to learning; the ‘c’ stands for ‘connectivist.’. Some professions have so much jargon of their own that it has its own name; for example, lawyers use legalese, while academics use academese. Here is a useful glossary or dictionary of key terminology. Medical Jargon: Close this window: A. abduction - to move a limb or some other body part away from the midline of the body ... For example, chest pain can be caused by many diseases or conditions, and each one must be ruled out to arrive at the correct diagnosis digitalis - a … Disclaimer: I do not necessarily endorse or promote or disapprove any of these techniques or terms. Police jargon – The suspect is headed west on Route 10. Too many terms? Bookmark this, as we’ll be adding to it in the next few weeks and months. Education Jargon Demystified For Parents | Shady Oak Primary School. This teaching method primarily involves online instruction, supplemented by on-site support through tutoring or small groups. Part of a teacher’s monetary compensation is based on how well their students scored on standardized tests. Accommodations: Changes that allow a person with a disability to participate fully in an activity. | Learn more » The following terms and definitions are often associated with and provide a common, working language for ADL’s educational anti-bias programs and resources. Sorry, your blog cannot share posts by email. The following is a list of education-related jargon and lingo (and even some buzzwords). A highly structured version of blended learning, where students rotate between learning modalities on a fixed schedule or at the teacher’s discretion. This is a pretty funny education jargon generator to mess with. Arts integration means learning core content side by side with–and through–art. This teaching model flips the traditional learning environment—typical classroom lecture followed by homework—so students watch instructional content (including recorded lectures) on their own time before class, while in-class time is devoted to ‘homework,’ such as projects, discussions and group work. K - The elemental … Education Jargon Every sector speaks its own language. BP - Medical shorthand for blood pressure 3. The idea is to provide greater independence in the learning process, offering support as needed. FX - Medical jargon meaning bone fracture 4. Dictionary of Educational Jargon. Opposite to the face-to-face driver is the online driver, a form of blended learning where the course is delivered via an online platform and students work remotely. This approach is often used when teaching new concepts and skills; the teacher uses instructional techniques such as modeling or demonstrating, and then steps back to allow students to try on their own. As the name suggests, it’s designed to increase flexibility in time and location of study, as well as assessment and certification, within the formal education process. Instead, it’s one that can be customized for the individual needs of students. Examples Original : The phospholipid bilayer allows for bidirectional transport of cellular metabolites via The lingo of student education is changing dramatically. Medical jargon – I need a nurse to room 12 stat. Sometimes referred to as hybrid learning, blended learning combines self-paced learning with online content and traditional classroom instruction. xMOOCs, or, extended MOOCs, are based on a more traditional university course structure with recorded lectures and self-testing. And as education change, this is a chasm that’s only going to deepen. Merit pay — (see VAM). Adapted Physical Education (APE): Specially designed physical education program, using accommodations designed to fit the needs of students who require developmental or corrective instruction in PE. Only certain students participate—typically those who are either struggling or working above their grade level—so they can progress at their own pace. ( Log Out /  ( Log Out /  Here, we examine four of digital course materials biggest myths in the higher education space and determine the…, Active learning activities designed for in-person, hybrid or fully online courses, Read this ultimate guide to gain a solid understanding of instructional strategies, why they’re important and how they…, How leading Canadian business law textbooks fare in the higher ed marketplace, Read this Ultimate Guide to gain a deep understanding of Bloom's taxonomy, how it has evolved over the decades and how…, While exams are designed to test and score knowledge, they don’t always indicate how well students are progressing…, This end-to-end course solution makes teaching effective and engaging, with built-in learning assessments and…, Customized learning experiences, diverse content delivery mechanisms and data leveraged to improve student outcomes will…. ( Log Out /  These examples of jargon words, which are short phrases commonly used by different groups, can be quite educational. ➠AWOL – Away without official … Our Ultimate Teacher Dictionary is a wonderful free resource for new teachers entering the education field or veteran teachers that may end up learning something new. Vawn Himmelsbach is a journalist based in Toronto. Pingback: What are the most significant professional responsibilities for teachers? I did my best to make it a jargon-free zone and will refund your purchase price if you can find examples of my -- non-ironic -- use of "educationese.") For example, the legal profession has many terms that are considered jargon, or terms that only lawyers and judges use frequently.. The following is a list of education-related jargon and lingo (and even some buzzwords). specific type of language used by a particular group or profession A massive open online course (MOOC) is aimed at open, unlimited participation, and typically includes recorded lectures and interactive user forums. Change ), You are commenting using your Facebook account. This is a pretty funny education jargon generator to mess with. Often technical, this language or jargon, can be confusing, bare of meaning or incomprehensible to people who are not familiar with the topic under discussion. Provide definitions for appropriate jargon the first time the terms appear in the paper, and include clarifications for any poorly formed jargon. Learn more about what collaborative learning is. The medical field is filled with cryptic jargon, including innumerable scientific terms and medical abbreviations. Industry. See if you can translate what’s actually being said. “The blame for this awful neologism lies with academia, where the word serves no apparent purpose except to demonstrate one’s mastery of obscurantist jargon … Some of these words have actually made it into the New Oxford American Dictionary, but that’s no excuse for using them.” We don’t know what they were talking about. Also used in place of the words “college,” “university,” or“institution,” or as a general term for any place of education; for example, law school, or graduate school. In many states teacher evaluations will now include … Learn more about how to implement new teaching models in our free active learning handbook. Definitions of early childhood development, care and education, words, terms, and jargon. That’s why we’ve started a glossary to explain some of the more confusing education jargon used to describe modern teaching techniques and lesson planning. Created by the Great Schools Partnership, the GLOSSARY OF EDUCATION REFORM is a comprehensive online resource that describes widely used school-improvement terms, concepts, and strategies for journalists, parents, and community members. But be careful to use them wisely!

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